Disc Ridger

Disc Ridger produces ridge with a maximum width of 1000 mm. It has a heavy-duty box-type frame. Discs are made out of high-quality boron steel with hardness standards in the range of 48 HRC to 52 HRC. The depth and size of the ridge can be adjusted.

Disc Ridger with Roller

Disc Ridger with Roller is designed to make ridge-type seedbeds up to the maximum width of 1500 mm. It is available with two and one row ridged type seedbed maker with 2 and 4 discs respectively. The body of the Disc Ridger is made up of high-quality boron steel of hardness of about 48 HRC to 52 HRC. The height and width of the ridged seedbed can be controlled with the help of roller height adjustment and disc adjustment.

Mounted Disc Plough

Mounted Disc Plough is designed to work in all types of soil conditions and its functionality includes soil raising, soil breaking, soil mixing, and soil turning. It can easily be used in rooted and rocky areas. It is used for opening a new area for farming and for processing any stony areas. It is especially helpful in places with soil conditions where scouring is a major problem.

Mounted Offset Disc Harrow

Mounted Offset Disc Harrow is specially designed for open-field works such as superficial plowing and organic waste burial. It is also used for shattering of clods, soil preparation for sowing seeds. It is used in medium and light types of soil. Its discs are made out of high-quality Boron Steel with hardness ranging from 48 HRC to 52 HRC. It can be easily transported as it is easy to mount and attach with a tractor.

Regular Single Speed

For high performance under every working condition, the heavy-duty side gear drive box is coerced in an oil bath. It can aerate and loosen the soil by digging up to a depth of 7 inches. The helical design of the blades put less pressure on the tractor which increases the efficiency during tillage operation. It has L, C, and J shape blades for proper pulverization of the field.